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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Recession Proof Fundraising - Is It Possible? Yes!

I want to tell you about a very unique fundraising program that will help organizations that are looking for a more effective way to reach their financial goals. In these tough economic times people have less disposable income and that will make fundraising more difficult.

We all need to find better ways to raise money… these are some of the “perks”…

  • A recession proof plan

  • 100% Organic products

  • World’s second most traded commodity

  • Top quality product that many people consume daily

  • Ongoing revenue stream

  • Benefits to people in other parts of the world

  • What If I Could Share a System That Lets Your Organization…

This plan allows you to raise money and create an ongoing revenue stream with a product that many people already want and buy on a regular basis.

Are you tired of the same old tired products that no one would buy if they weren’t helping a school or other organization make money? Many people will place an order to help you, but what if you could offer a useful product and make money for your group? With this program, your group can make money by selling coffee… organic, free trade coffee. I’d be happy to send you a sample to taste for yourself.

Auto Ship – Earn Ongoing Revenue

Your group earns money for every 16 oz bag that is sold by your group. You can earn on individual bags or – through the auto ship program.

The first bag sells for the retail cost of $24.95 and your group earns $9.10 – that’s 36%. Here are some additional possibilities

100 bags sold = $910 you earn

500 bags sold = $4,550 you earn

1000 bags sold = $9,100 you earn

2500 bags sold = $22,750 you earn

After that first bag is sold – the customer can order more through the auto ship program. With auto ship – the retail cost for 16 oz is $19.95 and your group earns $4.10. The retail price drops which lowers the amount you earn, but the sales and earnings are automatic. That means your group earns over 20% on each additional sale with No additional work.

Earnings Through the Auto Ship Program

100 bags sold = $410 you earn

500 bags sold = $2,050 you earn

1000 bags sold = $4,100 you earn

2500 bags sold = $10,250 you earn

This Could Be The Best Part of the Entire Program

Boresha International will auto ship the orders to your customers each month for as long as they stay in the program. Your group earns ADDITIONAL MOEY with NO FURTHER WORK. You are welcome to continue to sign up new customers and you continue to make money through previous customers too.

Since the orders are shipped directly to your customers – you do not have inventory, you do not process orders by hand and you do not delivery orders. Boresha will include information about other products in these orders. So, your customers will have the option to order: BSkinny Coffee, BSweet Sweetener, BCreamy Creamer, L-Arginine and other items as they are released in the future.

The Nuts and Bolts

Your group receives an email that contains personalized flyers, order forms, coffee tasting event sheets, and event suggestions – these will have the group’s name, logo and your goals. You can print these and use as needed. To learn more about how to get started (at no charge besides the printing costs), speak with Nikki (nikki@nikkileigh.com), Shri (shri@igetpaidtodrinkcoffee.com) or Chris (chris@igetpaidtodrinkcoffee.com). We can also send you a link to view additional details about the fundraising program.

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