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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Choose from Boresha's Select Coffees - Taste the Differences

Check the Difference in the Flavor
There Are Three Blends in Boresha Select Coffee

Ethiopia Blend – This blend comes from the growing region and the Birthplace of coffee has flavors of Wildberry, Apricots, Chocolate and a bit of Jasmine. If you want a mild flavor in the coffees.

Uganda Blend – This blend has musky Melon and Chocolate along with Blackberry flavors. This Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee originates. This is a Coffee Connoisseur’s favorite.

Tanzania Blend - You’ll Love this Coffee! This is grown in the Mt Kilimanjaro region. Taste the Black Currant and Caramel with the wine like aroma.

African Decaf – This Swiss Water washed Arabica bean is from Tanzania. This is the flavor of Tanzania blend without caffeine.

Boresha Coffee is available in Whole Beans & Ground

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