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Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffee May Reduce Risk of Gout in Men

8 13 2010

Hyon Choi, MD, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, CAN, and colleagues found that men who drank four or more cups of coffee a day reduced their risk of gout, a painful joint disorder caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood. These findings appear in the June issue of Arthritis &Rheumatism.

In their prospective study evaluating the lifestyles of over 45,000 men, Choi and colleagues found that the risk of developing gout was 40 percent lower for men who drank four to five cups a day and approximately 60 percent lower for men who drank six or more cups a day compared to men who never drank coffee. Furthermore, parallel findings between these beverages and serum uric acid levels existed according to Choi and colleagues’ companion study published in the June issue of Arthritis Care & Research.

Tea had no measurable effect, the researchers explained, but decaffeinated coffee did, suggesting that perhaps a strong antioxidant and not caffeine is the beneficial ingredient. Choi cautions that people should not drink coffee to treat their gout, but for those at risk for or battling gout, “there is no need to avoid coffee consumption as some guidelines have suggested.”

The National Institutes of Health and TAP Pharmaceuticals funded research and found that caffeine is addictive but good for you. There are several proven health benefits and it causes no diseases. It makes you feel good by causing the release of dopamine. A typical cup made from our Coffee Roasting Co. pure arabica coffee, contains about 120 mg caffeine. Some comparisons for the same cup size: robusta: 250 mg; supermarket blend: 175 mg; instant coffee: 110 mg; tea: 50 mg; cola: 31 mg; hot chocolate: 20 mg; decaf coffee: 6 mg.

Habitual coffee drinking may lower blood pressure, not raise it as often previously believed. A 2005 study of 155,594 American Women (the ongoing Nurses health Study, as published in the Journal of American Medical Ass. vol. 294, Nov 9, ’05) shows the percentage change in relative risk of hypertension when the daily coffee intake was:

less than 1 cup: 0%

1 cup: plus 6%

2 to 3 cups: 0%

4 to 5 cups: minus 8%

6 and more cups: minus10%

The Associated Press reports that researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania have determined that coffee provides more healthful antioxidants–substances that are thought to fight cancer and heart disease–than any other food or beverage found in the typical American diet. Led by chemistry professor Joe A. Vinson, the team analyzed the antioxidant content of 100 popular foods and beverages,including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices and oils. Using data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture they then figured out how much of each food is typically consumed.

An average adult consumes this many antioxidants daily from: Coffee (1.6 cups): 1,299 milligrams / Tea: 294 milligrams / Bananas: 76 milligrams / Dry beans: 72 milligrams / Corn: 48 milligrams. This isn’t the first study to praise the health benefits of coffee. Earlier, Japanese researchers reported that people who drink coffee every day or almost every day have half the risk of developing liver cancer, compared with people who never drink it. The protective effect occurred with just one to two cups daily and increased with three to four cups. In addition, Harvard University researchers determined that coffee consumption can decrease by as much as 50% in men and 30% in women the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Go here for more information on the health benefits of coffee http://prestige.igetpaidtodrinkcoffee.com/index.html

Friday, October 8, 2010

Benefits of a Healthy Diabetic Diet

Benefits of eating a healthy diet are for everyone but for a diabetic there can be even more reasons to follow a nutritious meal plan. Keeping a stable blood glucose level is the biggest reason for a diabetic to follow a diabetic diet. It takes commitment and patience
to stick with the diet and plan out all meals each week. But the more that it is done the easier it will become.

Another benefit of eating a healthy diabetic diet is reducing the amount of insulin that is needed. By eating good carbohydrate choices and lean meats you will lower the insulin requirements for your body. The foods you eat all affect on your blood sugars and when you do not choose the best foods for your body it will need more insulin to process them.

In addition to extra insulin requirements, you will suffer from high blood sugars also known as hyperglycemia. This condition can have serious long-term effects on your body and its organs.

By continuing with a healthy diet and combining it with regular exercise you can lose excess body weight. This too is good for your insulin requirements and blood glucose levels. By incorporating exercising into your daily routine you can give your body’s metabolism a boost and help it process the foods you are eating. When the foods you take in are healthy choices your body is going to function better.

If you do not follow a healthy diet you can suffer from:

  • Low blood sugar from not eating enough – hyperglycemia
  • High blood sugar from eating too much or eating the wrong foods – hypoglycemia
  • Gain weigh and in turn increase your daily insulin requirement
  • Lack the energy needed to exercise on a regular basis

Eating well can help control your diabetes and prolong your life expectancy.

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