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Sunday, April 5, 2009

BSkinny Coffee - Doesn't That Name Grab You?

Maybe you have heard the buzz that is getting started about BSkinny Coffee which is sold exclusively through Boresha Coffee International® and Boresha distributors . If you haven't - then you really need to take a look around this blog.

Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee ®

I bet many people are wondering what in the world Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee is and whether they should be interested. The answer to the second question is YES!

BSkinny is a compound that was developed by Dr Ann dee Wees Allen of the Glycemic Institute. She owns the only low glycemic patent EVER.

Dr Allen's patented BSkinny formula has been combined with the finest Arabica, Fair Trade, and Certified Organic coffee beans to create Boresha's BSkinny coffee.

BSkinny was designed and have been proven to burn fat even while you work at your desk and you only need to drink 2 - 12 oz cups per day to get the maximum effect. The BSkinny coffee increases your energy level and burns fat throughout the day. For obvious reasons we can't tell you how much fat you will burn - since each person's body is different -- but we can say that you will burn fat just by drinking BSkinny coffee.

Now - back to the first question, What does
Thermogenic Fat Burning mean? Thermogenesis works through the Buffered Caffeine in BSkinny coffee. This process creates the maximum adipose tissue fat burning, blocking cephalic response, and increasing glycemicall balanced energy. Does that help? The simple answer - it sends the right signal to your brain to tell it to burn fat.

These are some of the benefits of BSkinny Coffee - or should I say the perks...

  • Patented Hunger Control
  • Balanced Energy - no energy highs and lows
  • Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Buffered Caffeine
  • Combats Stress Related Eating
Would you like to order a sample??

Click here to get your free sample - shipping and handling will be added.

I started to feel and notice a difference within 2-3 days. You do need to know that you cannot add sugar or a normal sweetener to the BSkinny coffee - these things will work against the BSkinny formula. Boresha now offers a low glycemic sweetener which tastes great and works with the BSkinny formula. I'll share more information about the BSweet Sweetener soon.


  1. Do we have any idea what the active ingredient is that causes the increased metabolism? It sounds like some kind of stimulant, and I certainly would like to avoid that. I think sticking with my organic coffee provider of choice is probably the best bet here because, with my luck, I will just have a weird reaction to this stuff...I do like the name, though!

  2. Wow! I can't believe it. There's this kind of coffee. I am a coffee lover and It's good to know that there are people who keep on reinventing coffee for the benefit of mankind. thanks you so much.